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Instructional Classes for the Faithful on the Traditional Latin Mass Offered at St. Francis

Photo Credit: Ron Lawson

Starting next Sunday, Fr. Joseph Heffernan, FSSP, rector of St. Francis of Assisi chapel in Lincoln, will be offering three brief classes introducing newcomers to the Traditional Latin Mass.

Each class will take place in the basement of St. Francis of Assisi (1145 South St.) immediately following the 10:00 AM Solemn High Mass for three consecutive Sundays.

The three instructional talks that will be offered are:

  • Basic Structure and Terminology — Sunday, March 13

  • How to Use a Hand Missal — Sunday, March 20

  • Open Q&A - Sunday, March 27

If you are new to the Traditional Latin Mass, this would be an excellent and thorough introduction to this Mass.

As always, our Resources page is always updated with reference and instructional material to also assist with the many of us who are new to the liturgical patrimony of the Roman Church.

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