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Rogation Mass & Procession Photopost

On Wednesday, May 12th, a Rogation Procession and Missa Cantata took place outside Lincoln as part of the Chruch's public acts of penance knit into the liturgical cycle.

"Rogation" comes from the Latin "rogare", which means "to ask", and these are days on which we seek to satisfy God's justice by means of penance for our sins, ask His mercy, avert His chastisements, and ask for His blessings, particularly with regard to farming, gardening, and other agricultural pursuits. Consequently, the fields were blessed amidst the procession.

Its origins date back to the 5th century in France before being officially instituted by Pope Leo III in 816 A.D. to Rome and the whole of the Roman Catholic Church.

Many thanks to Ron Lawson for the photos.

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