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Updated: May 25, 2021

As we've been growing and sinking our roots as an organization over the last few months, many exciting developments have taken place in Lincoln and the surrounding area.

Despite the COVID-19 world we have all lived in for the last six months, we have seen a new, weekly High Mass, and occasionally Solemn High Mass, at the Cathedral of the Risen Christ between Fr. Justin Wylie and Fr. Caleb Hile. Read about the newly-installed Mass at the Cathedral in the Southern Nebraska Register.

Furthermore, Fr. Joseph Faulkner has recently undertaken the learning and regular offering of the Traditional Roman Rite, now offering it almost daily in his parish in Wahoo, Nebraska. Read about Fr. Faulkner's learning of the Traditional Mass on Fr. Z's blog.

And as always, St. Francis of Assisi continues to offer the Traditional Latin Mass daily, both in daily Low Masses and a Sunday High/Solemn Mass.

For updated Mass times in the area, please refer to our Mass-times page.

As God continues to restore our holy traditions here in and around Lincoln, Nebraska, we intend to be a pillar of support for this work of God, and our website is now a convenient, centralized location for any and all information, support, catechesis, and inquiry.

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